Micromedex Drug Info - Mobile App Recensioni

Now won’t load

I used to use this all the time, but suddenly it now crashes every time I try to load it. I won’t delete it...yet. But I won’t wait forever either.

Scumartist dev

So i paid for the fee....dev never made updates to ensure compatibility with iOS...then several months later, they come up with an update...only to find out its rendered useless since it crashes upon start. Its a shame because this is a reputable source for clinicians alike

Not working as intended

I’ve been relying on this app as a cross-reference for a few years and it hasn’t been allowing me to search for new drugs anymore.

Paying for app that doesn’t work

8/18/2018 Update: The app was once again working as it was supposed to until I updated the drugs “by September 2.” I was tired of seeing that pop up & now the app is acting as described in my previous review. Please fix. I will not be paying for this app beyond the year. It’s not worth it because one can’t depend on this resource to work when needed. Previous review: This used to be my favorite drug app for years, but no longer. Like other users, there is an inability to pull up information for medication information one searches. The information that I see is teaching information for users of Lyrica. Yes, I looked at that information previously, but it isn’t helpful when I attempt to search for another medication. IBM should refund the costs associated with use of a nonfunctional app. It’s absolutely appalling that IBM can’t figure out how to fix an app months after the first complaints started occurring.

Works Great Until It Updates

I love using this, that is until it updates and goes bonkers. Then I have to uninstall and reinstall and try to avoid the auto update. Then, I don't have up to date drug info. I hoped the rebranding would help, guess I was wrong. Too bad.


Every single time I open this app and try to search or select a drug, it shows the very first one I ever looked up in the app. Every time. There is literally nothing I can do with this app and I have a paid subscription to it.

Drug search won’t work

When I type in a new drug name in the search and click on the drug I need, when the window opens it opens to the previous medication I looked up. It won’t change medications unless I do a hard start.

Does not work

Trying to get a refund

Useless app.

This is a fraud to sell products that you know doesn’t work for your customers. I tried to login to the app and was told some other person had my username password. I called customer service; I was told to create new username and password and leave the space for email blank. That didn’t work. I am very frustrated and don’t know what to do.

Not working

Cannot open any information. Help

Utterly broken

Once great now completely broken: E.g. enter Zoloft and Imodium appears; then, just to see, drop down under “Indications” and trade name information appears, as it does for every drop-down menu. A Harvard Business School case study in fall from greatness into intellectual bankruptcy.

Stuck on one drug.

I was hopeful when IBM’s name appeared on the app that this problem was fixed. But, alas, nice again, it is stuck on one drug no matter what you attempt to look up. This used to be a great app over a year ago. Please fix it.

Cannot open

cannot use the app at all

Wrong drug info!

Even though IBM bought it, no changes for the better, my hopes have been quashed. Deleting it NOW. What a waste.

Keeps crashing fix

See above

Used to be awesome

The application is constantly, “updating,” and I have to restore my password on a regular basis. It’s not worth paying for. What happened? Get too greedy?

No longer works

This once-great app has been changed and now won't open, or simply crashes

Finally working!

Works perfect again! Thanks for the update!

Used to love

I haven’t been able to get into app for over a year. Tired of trying to retrieve password with no luck.

Doesn’t work right anymore.

For months this app has not worked properly. Every time I search a drug and select the correct drug, Bumex displays. I wouldn’t recommend this app whatsoever. It used to be an excellent app for nursing practice. Now, I’m on the hunt for another.

Lost to corporate America

Now a non biased medical app is owned by IBM . all data will be screened and deleted if it does not meet IBM corporate money making .

IBM rebrand charged me again and doesn’t work anymore

If possible, do not update to IBM rebrand people. I recently renewed my yearly subscription to the app a couple of weeks ago. I updated yesterday to the IBM rebrand and not only was I billed again but the app does not work. It does not even open correctly. Piss poor. Forced to use Epocrates until this is corrected.

This *used* to be amazing

I began using this app years ago. When it was free. Well, times change and they began charging for it. Think I paid less than $2.00 for what was portrayed as a year’s subscription to this app. With so many updates to medicines, two bucks is still a great deal for as much as I use this app! But then things went south. The app started to crash constantly. Pretty soon it just quit opening, period. Shame. Was a great app.

Filled with bugs

Crashes and filled with bugs. When I try to look up drug information e.g. roflumilast it just brought up the dosage form under all the categories. Many better drug applications available. At this time I would avoid.

Crashes all the time

This used to be my go-to reference on busy clinic days, but the app crashes all the time now (when it opens at all). Shame. Micromedex just lost a customer.


This app keeps crashing and won’t open. I’ve paid money for access and am. It getting it. When it does work, it’s actually a great app, but it’s not reliable due to its crashing issues.

Awful app : rip off!!

I have had this app for some time. Originally it worked well and has excellent content and navigation. PROBLEM: It will retain a previous drug searched and when a new search is carried out, will NOT search but instead the information on the last drug searched will remain rendering the app USELESS! I have spent hours with their “ support “ people and their “ fixes” are one time only. I’ve tried every combination of solutions they had done previously and it still has serious software flaws. NOW IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. Too bad. It had excellent information when it worked. I’m now advising my fellow MD, and DDS professors as well as our students to not purchase this or attempt to but to find another app instead.

Will NOT open!!!

Great app WHEN and IF it opens ... please fix or refund.. thanks

Keeps crashing!!

Does not open! Keeps crashing!! Please fix!!

Needs help, bug

No matter which drug I search for and select, it only pulls up Nystatin. Please fix

Disappointing App

Search function doesn’t work correctly. It’s completely useless and a total waste of money.


This app used to be great and I would use it almost everyday. Recently the app prompted that I renew my subscription in which I did and went on about my day. About 2 days later I went to open the app and had been ‘kicked out’. I was now being prompted to buy a subscription and create a new user Id/password. I have my receipt from renewing, I shouldn’t be asked this again, I shouldn’t have been kicked out. I can’t use the app now... the app I paid for. I have emailed the company with NO response. So instead of recommending this app, I’m telling you not to waste your money. Use something else like Medscape.

App is Finally working

I use this app every single day as a pharmacist and in my daily life. Now it doesn't work. I'll pay for this app every year because it is high quality, but now I cannot renew or open it at all. I NEED YOU MICROMEDEX. EDIT-- like RxDuck said, it is true. Just click "create new" and type in whatever you want but SKIP the email part. Then a big thing will pop up asking you if you are sure and if you could please just give them an email. Skip that part and then it works!!! 💊☺️💊☺️💊☺️💊☺️💊 EDIT again— now it doesn’t even work 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😤

Very limited

This app is very limited, and the drug class section is inaccurate and confusing. The information provided is up to date (at least that) but the navigation is very confusing, it looks like an app that has not been updated in years.

App keeps crashing!

App used to work great but I updated it and now every time I try to open it, it just crashes! Cannot use anymore!

Was great, now crashes

I use this app a lot! Now it won’t even open. Crashes immediately. Even though the PED version works fine. Frustrating!


I’ve been using this App since 2016. For the first year this App was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone. However, after my yearly renewal the App started having glitches. Now this App is unreliable about 90% of the time. Once I open a tab under a drug this is the only tab the App will let me see for weeks.... I am able to search for new drugs but once I click on another tab, the previous opened tab appears. I’m highly disappointed and no longer recommend this app.

It only shows Meclizine

Right now you open any drug, only to find information on Meclizine only.


I have been using this for many years. Every single year, when renewal time comes, the system can’t find me. Getting ahold of customer service is impossible. Switching drug reference apps. Can’t stand them anymore.

Would be 5 stars but...

Has best information; clearly presented; not pharma driven like Epocrates. However, whole point of an app (that you pay subscription for) is that it Is available when you need it. I cannot forgive how it makes you re login multiple times (with a hashed password that is impossible to remember). Esp after an update. I keep trying to love you Micromedex, why are you pushing me away? Back again to see if I can get my Lexicomp working. I give up.


Have used this app for years.Recently told to pay for a new subscription. I did. Hasn't worked since. And why are all these reviews 1 and 2 yrs old? Very very disappointed with no tech support or answers. Hello out there...Who's minding the store?


Will not open. Crashes as soon as opened. Not impressed want refund.

App isn’t working with recent iOS update!

App isn’t working at all. Crashes immediately. Please fix!

Nursing Student

At first, I too had trouble with creating a user account as others had mentioned in the reviews. The fields for entering information were not easily readable and one would assume User Name, Password, Confirm Password. However it is User Name, Password, Email (optional). Once I figured that at so far so good in using app. I'll use it on my iPhone and follow up with more feedback

Nick PharmD

Not helpful when working in the pharmacy. Doesn't display details regarding drug interactions, only that they exist.

Great Useful App!

As a pharmacy student and soon to be pharmacist, I love this app. I like the design and mobile device UI. After using it for many years I do have one suggestion to offer: the ability to compare drugs via tabs in order to switch back and forth from one drug to another. If you could add a feature like that, that would be awesome. Oh and please make it so you can swipe back between pages from any point along the edge of the left screen instead of only the top left corner back button.

Old version was better

See title.

Good information but

The app provides very useful information. I used to use it all the time. Now, it takes a couple of minutes to update every time I open, also, it requires to log in every time. It has become more of a frustration than the good old app it was once.



Great App

I'm a nurse anesthetist and this app has more information than almost anything except a textbook. The people that say this takes too long to load must be extremely impatient. I need answers quickly and even if the app tries to update, as long as you have an internet connection, it is a quick update or you can ignore the update and go to the content if it fails. Great app!! Love the information you can't get elsewhere!!!

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