Micromedex Drug Info - Mobile App Reviews

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Constantly wants to renew my subscription for more money. Makes it difficult while working on a Pt.

Database 10, accessibility 0

Every time I need to use this, it asks to update and I need to download. Truth is, not always I have wifi, so almost always I cant use when I need, way to screw a good program

App wont open

Terrible. I paid for an app that wont open, even though I have the latest software updates.

This app

Is useless after buying it now they want an annual fee that was not indicated at point sale. Changing the terms post purchase is fraud.

New version wont open

I love this app and use it frequently, but the new version asked me to create a password and then crashes right away after I try to sign in. Get this fixed please!

App wont open!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love how I paid for this and it wont work!!!

Not compatible with IOS 8?

Was my favorite med app so I recently paid to keep using it. Unfortunately it stopped working after I installed IOS 8 in spite of usual trouble shooting ( restart app, restart phone, delete and reinstall app, swear, delete app and leave this review).

Was excellent

Used this app for a few years now. Even paid to continue usage, except, new upgrade and update are incompatible with each other. Crashes every time the app is opened. My coworkers have the app as well and everyones crashes as well. Excellent app when it worked. Useless now until an update fixes issues.

Needs update.

Frustrating when you tout yourselves as the best medications resource and then fail to be compatible with iOS 8.

Does not seem compatible with IOS8.

Was my favourite go-to app for all medications. But But now, always crashes. Sad...

Not working with IOS 8

Since upgrading my phone to iOS 8 this app doesnt work, which is very inconvenient because I paid for it and need it during my clinical days. Please fix this problem ASAP!

Continues crashes

I recently purchased the app.. Cant even open it... Please fix the issues..

Crashes with ios8

Great app if it would stop crashing every time I open it. FIX IT

Crashes didnt work at all

Bought iPhone 6, keep on crashing.

Please fix!!!

Im paying for an app that keeps crashing and doesnt work anymore. Please fix it!!!


Do not buy this app if you upgraded to iOS 8.. It crashes.. Use to depend on this app... Very disappointing...

iOS 8

Finally works in iOS 8


I have never been able to get this ap to work. I cant even get past the login screen because the ap just crashes. Finally gave up and deleted it which is too bad, I used to use this ap at work all the time before the changes.


Doesnt recognize my subscription, and trying to get support is like a bad dream.

Unable to renew

I am unable to renew. Tried tech support. They have lost a customer.

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