Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials App Reviews

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Constantly wants to renew my subscription for more money. Makes it difficult while working on a Pt.

Not opening!

Im upset that I paid for this app and previously used it quite a bit and now it just shuts down on me when I try to open it. Please fix this!!

Expired subscription?

I cant use the app, it says my subscription has expired. What a waste of money...

Updates EVERYTIME the app opens (even if never closed)

Back to the issue where it updates, then forces you to login with username/password each time you use. I cant remember the random mix of characters that it generates for forgot password other than refering to the email. I enter it, then a few hrs later it asks for it again. I searched all over the website and see no spot to change to logical password. I refuse to enter a password to view a drug on shift in busy ED. Ive given up on this app after using it for 3 years because of multiple similar issues. Epocrates never was great, but it works!!!!

Awful !

Every time I open this crap app, it checks the updates and then it updates itself. Then it signs me out automatically so I must re-enter my username and password again. This issue is ridiculous. Its nonsense, and absurd. I hate your recent version! I wont repurchase after my license have ended. I prefer using expensive Lexicomp than using Micromedex! Its a shame you do not trust your clients!

Need pay more offline

Need to pay per year for IV compatibility, Drug interaction like Micromedex drug reference Essentials ( not have an internet-based)


Every time I go to use this app, I have to restore my username and password, and it says I wont be required to enter my username and password each time I open the app. Problem is, i DO have to enter it each time because this keeps occurring! Once upon a time I used to never have to put this information in. Youre pushing me to Epocrates, Truven!!!

Absolute waste of money.

The idea of having a drug reference on your phone is for rapid access to information. This app fails miserably. Every time you open it it requires WiFi to update and takes forever.

Useless now

App was perfect now now it has to load and requires wifi every time. Wish it hadnt changed for the worse.


This version has broken it/-with WiFi required to open it so it can auto update, I can no longer use it in my clinical sites b/c they dont have accessible wifi for my personal iphone. Before, I used it dozens of times daily. Truven, fix it!! -------- Dec2015 -- Truven fixed app; works well again whether on/off wifi.

hot garbage

Used to use this app almost daily, now they have screwed it up so much it wont open, or always needs to update, or wants you to create an account... everything except provide drug info. Completely ruined this once great app. Congratulations, morons


Please fix this ridiculousness with having to update the app every time its opened

No longer useful

This used to be my go-to app while working. Now, every time I open it I am required to be connected to a wi-fi network to update it. Not practical or even an option. Will look elsewhere for drug reference.

Still not working

I actually rubbed one off twice while waiting for it to start. It takes that long to start due to the updates.

Version glitch fix: see update.

I used to use this as a quick reference at work. The latest update has destroyed all functionality of the app. Each time you open it the application states "I must be on a wifi network to update to the latest information" and refuses to allow me into the app. On wifi, it takes ~5 minutes to update and this launches every time the app opens, regardless of if it was updated 10 seconds ago. A quick reference is meant to be just that. I dont have a wifi connection or 5 minutes to "update" every time I need an answer to a question. UPDATE: glitch fixed. After the initial update which took a few minutes this app is back to a great reference for drug indication and other basic information. Would recommend!!!

App fixed!! 10/22/15

I am a 4th year student pharmacist. Micromedex offers this great drug reference at a great price. I use this app on the go when I need to lookup a fact about a particular medication. I recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a quick and portable drug reference. Thank you micromedex for fixing the update issue. I am happy I can use your product again! A couple suggestions I have would be to add in a drug interaction checker tool and a drug identifier tool. Your competition (clinical pharm) has these features available in their product.


After last update the app is so bad It,s worse Because when you want to use it you need internet and 5 to 10 minutes time for start of it But i want to use it suddenly and emergency

I wish they would fix the constant need to update bug!!

Fix it, please

It is so annoying that every time you open the app force you to check for updates and you need to be connected to wifi in order to do that. There is no way to bypass that.

So upsetting

I have used this app for five years. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, but then they charged me to update it. I could deal with that. But now, everytime I open it, it wants to "update", even if my screen times out, of I get an email, text or call, or if I go to another app, it wants to "update". It takes over a minute or minute or two. Im going to other apps because I dont have the time for this!

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